Zanzibar Ports Corporation


ZPC is a parastatal Organization established under the Act of Parliament in 1997. In accordance with the Act. ZPC is an autonomous organization which is responsible for managing, Operating and developing ports of Zanzibar. ZPC operates under the Ministry of infrastructure and Communication.
The major responsibilities as stipulated in the Act include managing, operating, developing and promoting port industry in Zanzibar. ZPC expected in particular to perform the role of an operator in terms of commercial activities.

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Tariff Book

Safety and Security

In order to promote safety and health within the Port areas it requires high discipline of all Port users. The following are the guidelines that shall be followed by obedience for safety purposes:


All employees who will be working during the operations of handling vehicle and other cargos must be well informed or trained and know how to work in the port areas, so that he/she can be able to prevent/protect himself against incidents/accidents.


Obey the ZPC Safety and health policy, regulation in order to improve your safety and health. Do not exceed 20km per hour while driving within the Port area, the Port is an Industrial and heavy machine are always on duty, so over speeding can cause accident.


You are not allowed to park on the railways and in so, doing the risk is at yourself and property. Do not block any road within the Port area in order to allow Emergency Fire Engine to go through while attending Emergency calls.